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Am I Eligible?

The PIPs study has certain criteria that a participant needs to meet. This allows us to accurately assess the brain changes in both people with schizophrenia and those without schizophrenia.

Participants with schizophrenia will be recruited via clinics, but you may be able to be one of our general community participants!

18 to 40 years old

Fluent in verbal and written English

No current major psychiatric condition

No history of a psychotic disorder

Please see below for the criteria you will need to meet to take part:

No metal in the body, or piercings / braces that cannot be removed

No history of seizure in the past 12 months

Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding

No history of significant head injury in the past 12 months

And finally...

No generalised inflammatory condition or disease

(e.g. systemic lupus erythematosus, vasculitis or chemotherapy within the past 2 years)

If you have a blood relative that has a diagnosed psychotic disorder, we are also very interested in you taking part!

If you think you may be eligible to participate in the PIPs Study, please click here to provide us with your contact details, or send an email to and we will get in touch!

If you would like further details about what participation involves, please read through the Participant Information Sheet below:

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