ELM STUDY - Am I Eligible?


Hover your cursor over the boxes below to see the main eligibility criteria for the ELM Study.

If you answer ‘YES’ to all relevant criteria, you may be eligible for participation in the study.

If you answer 'NO' to some of the criteria and you are in the adolescent group or a parent of an adolescent, you may still be able to participate in some components of the study. 

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  • Fall into one of our two age categories

    • Adolescent: aged 14-16 years

    • Adult: aged 25-35 years

  • Living in Greater Melbourne or Greater Geelong (or, if not, willing to travel to Melbourne to participate in the ELM Study)

  • Fluent in written and spoken English

  • You may not be eligible if you have a current diagnosis of a developmental or mental health disorder and/or if you are currently taking medication for a mental health condition (for example, antidepressants) and/or if you are undergoing hormone therapy.

  • You may not be eligible if your BMI is >40 or <18 (for adults), or below the 5th percentile or above the 95th percentile (for children/adolescents).

  • Have a regular menstrual cycle

  • You may not be eligible if you are currently using hormonal birth control (for example, the birth control pill) and/or if you are currently pregnant and/or if you have had previous pregnancies

The ELM study has a range of strict selection criteria to make sure that it is scientifically rigorous. Because we are interested in hormones, it is especially important that we control for factors that may affect hormone levels. This means that not everyone will be eligible for this study.

Do you have any questions or think you might be eligible for participating in the ELM Study?

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If the answer to any of these is 'yes', please click here to provide us with your contact details, or send an email to elm-study@unimelb.edu.au, or call us on +61 3 8344 3428

If you are an adolescent interested in participating but you believe you may not be eligible (e.g. due to age, hormonal, menstrual or pregnancy criteria, or location), please click here to read more about an online only ELM sub-study.

For further details about what participation in the ELM Study involves, please read through the Participant information for adolescents and parents of adolescents, or child and parents of children, or adults below: