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The Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre conducts world-leading research with a focus on specific streams in Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience


Report - 2012 to 2019


Report - 2007 to 2011


Report - to 2006

Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre (MNC) was established in 2004 with the appointment of Christos Pantelis as Foundation Professor in Neuropsychiatry at The University of Melbourne. Since that time, MNC has established its reputation as one of the most productive psychiatric research Centres in Australia. The team at MNC currently consists of both academic and professional staff. At any given time MNC supports over 30 individuals who work with the research streams at the Alan Gilbert Building as stipend funded PhD students, Masters and Honours students, and international research fellows. 

MNC has a core research focus on understanding the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders, including psychosis and other neurodevelopment disorders (Pantelis, Cropley), depression and anxiety (Harrison, Whittle), and bipolar disorder (van Rheenen); MNC also has a research focus on advanced brain network science (Zalesky).

MNC is a joint Centre of The University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health. It brings together clinical and research teams at Sunshine and Royal Melbourne Hospitals, with a dedicated brain imaging archive and analysis laboratory located at the University's Parkville campus.


MNC, July 2019

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