Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre trains and supervises undergraduate and postgraduate students from different disciplines.

Melbourne Neurospychiatry Centre trains and supervises  undergraduate and postgraduate students from different disciplines:

  • Clinical Psychiatry Training

  • Neuropsychology

  • Research Higher Degrees including AMS, Honours, Masters and PhD


Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre is involved in the teaching in psychiatry to undergraduate students from the University of Melbourne's MBBS degree, as part of their rotations in psychiatry. This training is implemented through the Clinical Units at the Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit at Sunshine Hospial and the Neuropsychiatry Unit at The Royal Melbourne Hospital. This historically has been in the fifth year of training, where students are involved in inpatient and outpatient patient review, and ward meetings, to gain clinical exposure and experience in the presentation, diagnosis and management of neuropsychiatric illness. With the move to a new medical course, NU will have a continuing role as chief specialist Neuropsychiatry Unit within Victoria in providing education and training to society's future doctors.

In addition, the unit takes medical trainees in their Advanced Medical Science (AMS) year, where individuals undertake research to gain a Bachelor of Medical Science degree (BMedSci), now a compulsory part of the University of Melbourne medical degree. Past and current students have been involved in examining the performance of normal controls on the NUCOG, a cognitive assessment tool developed in the NU, and aspects of genetic testing for Huntington's disease. Current medical students who are interested in a research placement within the unit should visit this University of Melbourne web site to find out more about the NU's offered placements.

Available Projects