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New work published in Nature Medicine

Congratulations to Ye Tian and Vanessa Cropley, whose new paper, 'Heterogeneous aging across multiple organ systems and prediction of chronic disease and mortality' has just been published in Nature Medicine:

Key Points:

  • A person's biological age can differ from the chronological age determined by their date of birth.

  • Measuring the biological age of organs could help people who show signs of early ageing.

  • In the future, biological age may be measured at routine doctor visits.

- Ye was interviewed today by Sky News Australia. Interview here.

- Ye participated in multiple radio interviews and 40 newspapers across Australia have covered the work. Here is an example article from SBS News.

- Check out the Twitter thread to find out more about the study:

- And here is the link to the full paper:

Congrats Ye and Vanessa! Fantastic to see significant public interest in the research.

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