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The Systems Neuropsychiatry and Neuroengineering Research Stream aims to understand how different parts of the human brain interact with each other to produce complex behaviour and why these astoundingly complex interactions breakdown in individuals with serious mental illness. We model the brain in both health and disease using networks of interconnected neural elements that interact in time and space across a hierarchy of scales. Members develop new methodologies to perform statistical inference on brain networks and undertake research into computational models that describe the emergence and progression of network pathology over the course of disease. We aim to discover new ways to prevent, treat and cure mental illness. This stream brings together a diverse range of expertise from basic science, engineering and psychiatry in order to tackle these aims using innovative, interdisciplinary approaches.

Ye Tian (PhD Candidate)

Hua Ye (Masters)

Kavisha Fernando (PhD Candidate)


Dr Jinglei Lv (Research Fellow)

Dr Maria DiBiase (Research Fellow)

Caio Seguin (Research Fellow)

Tabinda Sarwar (PhD Candidate)

Saampras Ganesan (Masters)

Sina Masour (PhD Candidate)

Xin Wang (PhD Candidate)

Dr Robin Cash (Research Fellow)


Information to come.

Funding: NHMRC Project Grant (ID 1161897)


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